Client is actively engaged in Transportation and language sector. The client wished to create a highly complex as well as software-as-a-web based application which can work as a mediator between the Insurance Company (Payor) and Injured worker (patient). The aims were to provide and maintain transportation service to the IW who has the medical claim against Payor in a single tool, out of which the prime challenges faced to consider the client requirement are listed below:

  • Fetching claim from client SFTP and insert into SQL server.
  • Generate Billing invoice from SQL server and Convert it into the flat file and put on client SFTP.
  • Complex Flat file schema Generation using Flat File wizard with positional Record.
  • Connect Client SFTP using BizTalk SFTP adapter.
  • Making custom Receive pipeline Components and Send pipeline components.
  • Insert the record into SQL server using WCF LOA adapter.
  • Error handling using orchestration.
  • Facility to send email alert for any failed message during process large file.


Gross has developed web-based solution that provides the service in Transportations and logistics industries, by acting as mediocre between Injured Worker (IW) & Payor


The client was able to streamline the entire transportation service process to the IW who has the medical claim against payer in a single tool. Client drew many benefits with association with Gross that include seamless integration with client SFTP, Making custom Receive/ send pipeline components, Automation in Billing etc.