Gross Cloud offers a network of business workflow management solutions

Our goal is to enhance the way you do business by offering a set of powerful data and software services to run and manage your business.


Complete Integrated Accounting Software that helps you grow your business View real-time business accounts and reports
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Assual is a scalable cloud solution that incorporates everything you need to manage the full life cycle of your insurance operations.
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PractSoft cloud technology, offers solutions that help medical and legal professionals to always know what is happening.
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a reliable visitor IP address geo locator api for developers alike whose core API product returns geolocation, ASN, ISP, and hostname information
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an aggregated synchronous data feed of live global currencies and foreign currency exchange rates and calculator/convert with historical retrieval
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GrossPay is a payment processor for offering a highly secure API and platform that powers eCommerce solutions


a user friendly helpdesk and live plugin chat widget for web applications. JustChat allows you to connect with your clients via your website or on the go apps.

PDF Engine

PDF Engine is a highly reliable API for secure PDF creation and manipulation services. Sign, Create, Secure, collate, convert, format, manipulate pages
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Verimail is a highly secure cloud Enterprise email engine and verification (no-bounce) service